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Jerry Zeniuk   |   BERLIN   04.03.16 - 16.04.16



"Für Berlin" is the title of the current exhibition at Konrad Fischer Galerie Berlin presenting recent works by Jerry Zeniuk. The Konrad Fischer Galerie is proud to exhibit the work of Jerry Zeniuk, one of the world’s most significant painters and whose works are dedicated to the medium of colour and its visual as well as colour-spatial properties.
The subject of Jerry Zeniuk’s paintings is the art of painting itself — free from any narrative, illustrative or psychologized references. The pictures are characterized by an impressive visual presence and concentrate primarily on colours seeking to have an immediate and direct effect on the viewer. The paintings present the results of a long-lasting process characterized by permanent reviews and modifications. 
Left raw or grounded white canvas or cotton is used by him. The compositions of his paintings evolve during the actual painting process. In a careful manner Zeniuk applies one colour after another. Once set, the colour influences the proceeding colours and colour values. By being over painted the colours’ effect and shape are partially changed in order to produce a well-balanced and pleasing image.  
The Konrad Fischer Galerie is proud above all to present early works from 1969, which have never been shown before. Black, white and different grays are sprinkled onto the canvas at regular intervals into accurately placed circles. Jerry Zeniuk started to paint them after he graduated from art school. Later the young artist left them behind in New York, where they have been forgotten until just a few months ago. A selection of the paintings will be on view in the exhibition on the 1st floor. 
Jerry Zeniuk was born in 1945 in Bardowick, Germany. He grew up in Boulder, Colorado, USA. After his studies he moved to New York in 1969. From 1993 to 2011 he was a professor of painting and graphic art at the Academy of Fine Art in Munich. In 1977 he took part in documenta 6. His recent exhibition at the Museum Wiesbaden took place in 2014.

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