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Edith Dekyndt


born in Ypres, Belgium

Lives and works in Brussels and Berlin



MYODESOPSIES, l-projekt, Berlin 

Concentrated Form of Non-Material Energy, St. Matthäus-Kirche, Berlin


The Black, The White, The Blue, Le grand Café - Centre d'art contemporain, Saint Nazaire

The Ghost Year, Galerie Greta Meert, Brussels


The Black, The White, The Blue, Konrad Fischer Galerie Düsseldorf

The Black, The White, The Blue, Kunsthaus, Hamburg

The Lariat, VNH Galerie, Paris


Soul Collector, Synagogue de Delme, Delme, Frankreich

Ninth Wave, Monument du roi Albert 1er, Nieuwpoort, Belgien

Art Basel Unlimited, Basel


They Shoot Horses (Part I), Taxis Palais Kunsthalle Tirol, Innsbruck, Österreich

They Shoot Horses (Part II), Konrad Fischer Galerie, Berlin

Slow Objects, The Common Guide, Glasgow, UK

Blind Objects, Carl Freedman Gallery, London, UK


Mer sans rivages. Musée de l'Abbaye Sainte Croix, Les Sables-d'Olonne, FR, curated by FRAC Pays de la Loire

Air, rain, pain, wind, sweat, tears, fear, yeast, heat, pleasure, salt, dust, dreams, odors, noises, humidity. DAAD Gallery, Berlin, curated by Bettina Klein

Strange Fruits, Galerie Greta Meert, Brussels

Ombre indigène, Wiels, Brussels, curated by Dirk Snauwaert


Théoreme des Foudres, Le Consortium, Dijon, curated by Anne Pontégnie


Devil is in the Details, Swarovsky, Vienna, curated by Nicolaus Schafhausen

Untitled, Galerie Karin Guenther, Hamburg

Paradise Syndrome, Curated by Regina Barunke, Temporary Gallery,

Krasny Ougol, Unlimited Art Basel, Basel, Galerie Greta Meert

Chronology of Tears, Galerie Greta Meert, Brussels

All that is solid melts into air, Martin Van Zomeren Gallery, Amsterdam


Slow Stories, La BF15, Espace d’art contemporain, Lyon

Mexican Vanities, Carl Freedman Gallery, London


The Painter`s Enemy, Galerija Gregor Podnar, Ljubljana

Dreams and Lies, Hasselt University, BE, curated by Jan Boelen


Subliminal Rooms, VidalCuglietta Gallery, Brussels

Dieu rend visite à Newton, Fri-Art, Centre of Contemporary Art, Friburg, Switzerland,

curated by Corinne Charpentier

La femme de Loth, Synagogue de Delme, FR, curated by Marie Cozette


Get Out Of My Cloud, Kiosk, Ghent, BE, curated by Wim Waelput.


Les Ondes de Love, MAC’s, Grand-Hornu, Hornu, BE (Cat.)

At Night I Lie, Karin Guenther Galerie, Hamburg

The Transparent Ceiling, Galerie Les Filles du Calvaire, Paris

Edith Dekyndt – Agnosia, Witte de With, Rotterdam


One second of Silence, Parker’s Box Gallery, Brooklyn, curated by Alun Williams

Present Perfect, Program Gallery, Berlin

Present Perfect, Les Filles du calvaire Gallery, Brussels


Project room, Les Filles du calvaire Gallery, Brussels


Two White Pieces, Arch 2 Gallery, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg CA, curated by Neil Minuk


Slow Objects, Porte 11 Gallery, Brussels, BE

Any Resemblance To Persons, Living or Dead is Purely Coincidental, BPS 22,

Charleroi, BE

Detrois Studio, Brussels, BE, curated by Yolande de Bondt – Ridder


Soleil Public, Le Comptoir du Nylon, Brussels curated by Frédérique Versaen


Before Life (Myodesopsies 01), Chapelle de Boondael, Brussels


Alone at Home, Les témoins oculistes, Brussels

Edith Dekyndt & Chris Dorosz, Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art, Winnipeg, Manitoba, CDN


Worthlessness, Espace l’Escaut, Brussels, BE, curated by Olivier Bastin

Discreet Piece, Or Gallery, Vancouver, CA, CDN, curated by Kitty Scott & Reid Shier


Laboratory 02, c/o Christophe Lezaire, Obigies


Laboratory 01, Espace l’Escaut, Brussels


To Clean a Room, Themistocles Gallery, Mexico City


Legenda Orea, c/o Klaus Haas, Leuven, BE

Nihil Novum Sub Sole, Koma, Mons, BE



Die Wirklichkeit ist sowieso da, Weltkunstzimmer, Düsseldorf


Nothing is Lost. Art and Matter in Transformation, GAMeC, Bergamo

KunstFestival Watou, Chateau La Lovie, Poperinge

Studio K, Kanal, Brussels

Selon notre regard, Institut Francais, Berlin

You and I Don't Live on the Same Planet, Taipei Biennial, Taipei


2nd Riga International Biennial of Contemporary Art, Riga

Examination of Case, Muséum Gunzenhauser, Chemnitz

Easy Come, Easy Go in "Chonique de l'invisble", Le Grand Café, Saint Nazaire


Convex / Concave Belgium Contemporary Art, organized by WIELS and held at TANK Shanghai

They Shoot Horses, Kunsthalle, Hamburg and Musee de la immifration, Buenos Aires

Luogo e Segni, Palazzo Grassi - Punta della Dogana, Venedig

Underground (Belledonne, Chartreuse, Vercors), in "I remember earth", Le magasin des Horizons - centre national d'art et de culture, Grenoble

One Thousand and One Night in "trois fois rien", CN D, Centre National de la Danse, Pantin


Soul Collector in "Assemblée", Synagogue de delme

Breidarmerkurfjara Beach in "Océan", Le Fresnoy, Tourcoing

Ombre Indigene in "Où va l'ésprit", Espace atlantis, Marseille


Venice Biennale, Venice

Slow Objects, The Common Guild, Glasgow

Accentisms, Taxipalais, Kunsthalle Tirol, A

Belgian Art Prize, Bozar, Brussels

The Beguiling Siren is ThyCrest, Museum of Modern Art Warsaw


Provisory Object 03 in ‘Laboratoire de l’art’, Musée des Arts et Métiers, Paris, Curated by Marie-Noëlle Farcy, Christophe Gallois, Enrico Lunghi, Clément Mi­nighetti (MUDAM), Marie-Sophie Corcy (Musée des arts et métiers)

Major Tom in ‘Seeing Round Corner’, Turner Contemporary, Margate, Kent UK, Cura­ted by artists David Ward and Jonathan Parsons

Martial M in Short Film program ‘Migration Birds’ Art Basel, Basel, CH, Curated by Maxa Zoller

Broken White. Design Academy Eindhoven and the Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven

+ultra.Knowledge & Gestaltung, Martin-Gropius-Baus, Berlin


Hugging the Walls. A Tribute to Terry Fox, Akademie der Künste, Berlin


Blue Times, Kunsthalle Vienna, Curated by Amira Gad, Nicolaus Schafhausen

Laisser les sons aller où ils vont, FRAC Franche-Comté, Besançon, FR Curated by Sébastien Faucon

New Ways of Doing Nothing, Kunsthalle Vienna, Curated by Cristina Ricupero & Vanessa Mu?ller

Order Cannot Help You Now, Argos Center Art and Media, Brussels, Curated by Ive Stevenheydens

Alone at Home in “Chambre à soi”, Musée d’art et d’histoire, Saint Denis, FR

Art Of Its Own Making, The Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts, St. Louis


Pièces Montrées, Frac Alsace, 30 ans de collection, Sélestat, FR

Le Milieu du Monde, Tourinnes-la-Grosse, BE, curated by David de Tscharner

5th Moscow Biennale 2013: Bolshe Sveta / More Light, Moscow, Curated by Catherine de Zegher

Old Black, Team Gallery, New York, USA, curated by Todd von Hammon

Space Odyssée 2.0, Z33 - House for Contemporary Art, Hasselt, BE, curated by Ils Huygens

L’origine des choses, La Centrale Electrique, Brussels


About Horizon, VidalCuglietta Gallery, Brussels

P.A.M.I., Peckham, London, curated by Harriet Blaise Mitchell

Lárt dans les chapelles, Notre-Dame-du-Moustoir, Malguénac, FR

curated by Emilie Ovaere - Corthay & Karim Ghaddab

Sint - Jan Ghent, Saint-Bavo´s Cathedral, Ghent, curated by Jan Hoet & Hans Martens

Le Prince de rayons, Vidal

Cuglietta Gallery, Brussels

L`équilibre des forces, La Malterie, Lille


We make Versions, Westfälischer Kunstverein, Mu?nster

Found in Translation, Casino Luxembourg, Forum for Contemporary Art, Luxemburg, curated by Emmanuel Lambion.

D’un autre monde, Printemps de septembre, Toulouse, curated by Anne Pontégnie

Contour 2011, 5th Biennal of Moving Image, Mechelen, curated by Anthony Kiendl

Principe d’incertitude, Magasin, Centre National d’art contemporain, Grenoble, France

curated by Francesca Agnesod, Nadia Barrientos, Guillaume Hervier and Andrea Rodriguez Novoa as part of Session 20 of the École du Magasin of Grenoble

Radical Autonomy/ Nieuwe werelden van niks, Netwerk, Centre for Contemporary Art, Aalst, Belgium, curated by Arno van Roosmalen.

A. B. C. - Belgian ContemporaryArt, City Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria, curated by Dominique Païni and Pascale Pronnier

Ex Libris, VidalCuglietta Gallery, Brussels, Belgium, curated by Lilou Vidal


On Line: Drawing Through the Twentieth Century, Museum of Modern Art, New York,

curated by Connie Butler and Catherine de Zegher (Cat.)

«The Right to protest», Museum of the Seam, Jerusalem, Israel, curated by Raphie Etgar (Cat.)

The Shape of Time, TraficART2010, Galerie Sequence, Saguenay curated by Nicole Gingras

The Moon is an Arrant Thief, The David Roberts Foundation, London, curated by Oliver Martinez-Kandt, Thom O’Nions, Luiza Teixeira de Freitas

Ocean, Musée de la Mer, Biarritz, France, curated by Florence Guionneau-Joie (Cat.)

Opening Exhibition, The Richard Massey Foundation for Arts and Sciences, New York

Before Present, La Villa du Parc, Centre d’Art Contemporain, Annemasse, France

A l’Ombre d’un doute, FRAC Lorraine, Metz, France, curated by Beatrice Josse.

Drawing Time – Le Temps du dessin, Musée des Beaux-Arts de Nancy et Galerie Poirel, Nancy, France, curated by Marie Cozette (Cat.)

Gagarin, the artists in their own words – the first decade, SMAK, Gent

The most of now, Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna

Get out of my cloud, Kiosk KASK, Gent

Composite Visions, CAN, Neuchatel

Galerie Karin Guenther, Hamburg


Edith Dekyndt and Michael Stevenson, Meyer Riegger Galerie, Karlsruhe

Silence, a composition, Contemporary Art Museum, Hiroshima, JP, curated by Tanja Elstgeest

Ritual of Homecoming, Lodz, PL, curated by Adam Budak

Waterpod Powow, Waterpod, New York, curated by Eve K. Tremblay and Mary Mattingly

The New Easy, Artnews gallery, Berlin, curated by Lars Eijssen

Chambre d’écho, Musée Réattu, Arles, FR

Political/ Minimal, Museum Sztuki, Lodz, PL, curated by Klaus Biesenbach

Cul-de-sac, Venice small squares, Venice, curated by Lino Polegato

Le sang du poète, F.R.A.C. Pays de Loire, Carquefou, FR, curated by Laurence Gateau & Adam Budak

Faux- Jumeaux, S.M.A.K., Gent, curated by Hans Theys

There is No(w) Romaticism, Les Filles du calvaire Gallery, Brussels, curated by Lilou Vidal

All that is solid melts into air, De Garage, Mechelen, curated by Edwin Carels

Faux- Jumeaux, S.M.A.K., Gent, BE, curated by Guillaume Désanges

Acquisitions 2007-2008, F.R.A.C. Picardie, Amiens, FR

Nos (Us), Museu da Republica, Rio de Janeiro, curated by Daniella Geo

Flash B(l)ack, CC Strombeek, curated by Luk Lambrecht


Political/ Minimal”, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin, curated by Klaus Biesenbach

Brussels Biennial, Midi Station, selection Witte de With, Rotterdam

(A)pesanteur, récit sans gravité, FRAC Lorraine, Metz, curated by Béatrice Josse

Corpus Delictis, Palais de Justice de Bruxelles

58 T, Congrès station, Brussels, curated by Emmanuel Lambion

Septiformis, Cathedral St. Michel & Gudule, Brussels

Mortal Coil, Parker Box Gallery, Brooklyn, curated by Alun Williams

Performa(c)tivity, Amores Theatre, Athens, curated by Katerina Tselou

Prospect 58, Hessenhuis, Antwerp, BE, curated by Pieter Vermeersch

Le soigneur de gravité, Mac’s, Grand Hornu, BE, curated by Denis Gielen

Biennale de la photographie, MAMAC, Liège

Plier, Déplier, Les filles du calvaire gallery, Brussels, curated by Edith Doove


Commitment, De Garage Mechelen, BE, curated by Luk Lambrecht


Welcome Back, Mister Paik!, Mukha Media, Antwerpen

Suite Fibonacci, Galerie Frédéric Desimpel, Brussels, curated by Christophe Veys

Tracer, Retracer 2, Leonard & Bina Ellen Gallery, Concordia University, Montreal, curated by Nicole Gingras

Crossing Anspach, Anspach Galleries, Brussels, curated by Sprezzatura Galerie


The Lariat

The White, the Black, the Blue


They Shoot Horses


Ombre Indogene

Mer Sans Rivage



Monday is Blue


The Painter's Enemy


Witte de With


Les Ondes de Love

I Remember Earth




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Artist's Book




Artist's Book L'Escaut


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50 Years of Konrad Fischer Galerie 1967-2017

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Edith Dekyndt

28. Apr 2017 - 17. Jun 2017