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Eloise Hawser, Piotr Lakomy and Jonas Weichsel   |   BERLIN   15.01.16 - 27.02.16



Eloise Hawser, Piotr Lakomy and Jonas Weichsel 15 January, 2016 - 27 February, 2016
Eloise Hawser exhibits minimalist sculptures produced automatically as 3-D printouts. They are complemented by photographs of small 3-D printed sculptures arranged in various contexts. The artist refers to a wide spectre of references, matierials and processes by using seemingly banal materials applied in industrial processes repurposing them to create sculptures and installations subtly demonstrating their variability and inherent modality. Piotr Lakomy creates installations entering into a dialogue with pieces of architecture related to the scale of the human body. Lakomy uses industrial materials appearing slightly futurist and addressing a relationship between people, urban landscapes, architecture and modern technology. The works exhibited are inspired by Frederick Kiesler's „Endlesse House“ - an amorphous building - and refer to his concept of conceiving architecture as a human organism. In one of Lakomy’s works, e.g., the light of lamps pulsates with the rhythm of human breath. The objects of this installation are related to the human body. Jonas Weichsel’s paintings are committed to the reduction of elementar coordinates of paintings as well as the proportion of colour, shape, space and base substrate. They show predominantly monochrome and rectangular planes and triangles separated by clean lines. Both large-sized paintings shown in the exhibition were in the first step composed on a computer, a digitally composed brushstroke was plotted on canvas. In a complex determined process various colours are partially painted, thus generating the colour tone. The exhibition can be seen on both floors.

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